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What Employees are Grateful for this Holiday Season

More organizations are looking at their employee’s workplace experience and asking how they can do better. The ability to retain the best and the brightest is becoming even more challenging as the economy grows and the labor market shrinks. Now is the time for companies to look beyond the traditional benefits strategy and ask what people really want today to be successful in both their professional and their personal lives.

I have spent these past few weeks asking the “employee on the street” what they are most grateful for when it comes to their organization’s work experience and this is what I heard:

  1. "I've enjoyed our wellness workshops. It’s awesome that our company gives us time for this. It’s not only giving back to our organization by saving health care costs, but giving back to employees and to our families—really enriching our lives.” Business Analyst

  2. “My company trusts me to get my work done in a way that allows me to take care of my personal responsibilities, even when they happen during the weekday. This means I don’t have to come up with notes or explanations, we all just work together to reach our goals.” Account Manager

  3. "We have a lot of people participating in our wellness program and it's been fun to build a community around health and wellness. We are also competing to see who can get to the next level first!” Benefits Administrator

  4. “We have an amazing wellness program that helps employees reach their personal health and fitness goals. Since I spend most of my waking hours at work it’s nice to be in an environment that makes it possible to be active and healthy.” Administrative Assistant

  5. “We can chose between a variety of workshops though out the year. It so nice to be able to step away from your work for a short time and learn something new.” Senior Consultant

If your organization is interested in thinking outside the traditional benefits strategy and is interested in providing a customizable workplace experience, consider offering onsite workshops. We live in a world where much of our life is spent at work and finding time to hear about new ideas, practice stress management, mindfulness and self care is

hard to do. Now is the time to explore what your company can do to implement this sought after workplace solution that will provide a customized work experience to your most important asset, your workforce.

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