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How do you celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

It's widely acknowledged that employees are facing unprecedented levels of stress, burnout, and loneliness. This, combined with the pervasive issue of incivility in today's workplace, creates a formidable challenge in fostering appreciation for your employees. 

One idea for celebrating Employee Appreciation Day is to host a kindness in the workplace workshop. What better way to show appreciation for each other than by cultivating a culture of kindness, empathy, and respect within your organization? With this in mind we have created the following workshop for you!

Kindness in the Workplace

Incivility has become an epidemic in modern workplaces. This crisis of unkindness hurts people, culture, and negatively impacts employee wellbeing. Groundbreaking Harvard research shows companies embedding kindness in their DNA experience 20% better collaboration and 15% higher productivity. The message is clear: leading with kindness and compassion unlocks a better workplace and improved wellbeing.

This interactive workshop delves into the research supporting the power of kindness and offers practical strategies for integrating kindness into daily interactions. Participants will gain insights into various approaches for cultivating kindness habits and incorporating them into teamwork dynamics, feedback processes, difficult conversations, and other workplace contexts. Attendees will leave equipped with actionable techniques to infuse kindness into their daily interactions, thereby contributing to a more positive and harmonious workplace culture.

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