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Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.”

Alfred Adler

  • Create a HUGE vision. Having a huge vision will pull you forward into your dreams and will help you stay on track. Without vision we slowly settle for mediocrity.

  • Set goals. Goals are the foundation for self management. We can not begin to manage or improve ourselves if we don’t know where we are headed. Goals lead the way.

  • Take a risk everyday. Taking risks can be scary but it’s in doing the scary things that we grow. Without risk there can be no gain. Start small if risk-taking is new to you but make sure it’s part of your self management routine.

  • Be proactive. Step back and look at the big picture on a regular basis. When we have a clear idea of where we’re going and what we may encounter – we’re able to be proactive rather than reactive. Being reactive steals our energy, distracts us from our purpose and frustrates those around us. Self management can not happen when we’re in reaction mode.

  • Challenge or change the rules. Get rid of “we always do it that way”. From this day forward give yourself permission to do things differently. Say “yes” to life!

  • Take time each and every week to monitor results, take a look at what didn’t work and create a plan for the following week. As entrepreneurs we often wait too long to take the pulse of our business and life. Keep on top of your progress and areas that need improvement.

  • Take action. Don’t just move the papers around. Have a plan for each day and stick to it. Too often we say we are working and all we’re really doing is moving papers around or checking email for the tenth time in an hour. Having a plan of action and sticking to it will produce results.

  • Stay in Action. Starting is often easier than staying in action. After an intial push, we often lose momentum. Make a pact with yourself to take a minimum of one action step each day. Do something EVERY day to move your life and your business forward.

  • Take the long way home every so often. Actually drive the long way home today or just do something different or out of the ordinary every so often. We get stuck in our daily routines. Every once in a while it’s important to do SOMETHING different. Go in early, stay late, sit in a different office, take the long way home. Changing up our daily lives is a great way to keep forward movement alive.

  • Watch others. Take time to watch people in motion. Observe others at work and play. What do you notice about people on the move? Are some purposeful and others wandering aimlessly?

  • Review your goals on a monthly basis. Analyze what worked, what didn’t and make adjustments as needed. Goals are necessary but if we write them down and don’t use them to hold us accountable – they won’t be effective in moving us forward.

  • Celebrate your forward movement no matter how small. Take time to acknowledge the growth in your business. Take time to celebrate the little things you do each day. Make it part of your business to routinely celebrate the victories.


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