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What if we jumped out of bed in the morning and raced into the office, excited to give our very best? What if when our co-workers said good morning to us, our energy was contagious and positive? What if we were truly ENGAGED in our work just for today? What would happen? What could happen?

I think we could change the world – people would be happier, more productive and less stressed. We would make more money, create better relationships and our health would improve. It would be amazing! If everyone on the planet decided to show up ENGAGED and excited today the energy and benefits might possibly be more than we could handle.

What would it feel like to be FULLY ENGAGED in your work? Think about it. Envision yourself falling back in love with your work, with doing your best work. Get specific and then get busy figuring out what it will take for you to take the leap back into engagement. It’s your choice. It’s in your power. No matter what your workplace is like – you can be engaged. You can be positive and energetic. It’s up to you. And the best part is that if you choose to be engaged – others will be impacted. They will notice, they may even smile or feel a bit better just because of your positive energy. And a little at a time your energy could make a HUGE difference.

Tips for being more ENGAGED in your own life…

Decide to. It’s just that simple – the first step is to make the choice to be engaged. By doing this we are half way there.

Write a list. List all the reasons you love your life and your job. Write them down and let them sink in.

Find a buddy. Recruit someone to be your engagement buddy. Make a pact to hold one another accountable to being more engaged.

Set a timer on whining. If you’re used to whining you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of being positive and engaged. So to ward off panic, set aside 15 minutes a day to whine, complain and be as negative as you want to be. My guess is after a few days you’ll find this quite unproductive.

SMILE. Set a timer throughout the day and every time it goes off – stop and smile. Just this simple act will help you refocus.

Use visuals. Put visual reminders of your push to be engaged in your work space.

PERSEVERE. Engagement is a process, a mindset. It’s not a spring but a marathon. Don’t give up – the rewards of being an engaged participant in your own work and life are worth it.


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