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5 Tips to Overcome Your Resistance to Change

Change is hard! Whether it is an organizational change that needs to occur in your work, a change in your personal or family life or a change in your behavior to achieve a healthier you – you may face resistance. Resistance is defined as “anything that slows or stops movement or keeps movement from happening.” When it comes to changing your behavior to live a healthier life – there will be people, places, things, feelings and emotions that will slow or stop movement from happening. Can you do anything about it? Absolutely! Acknowledging the reasons for resistance and addressing them will help you get the movement towards change you desire. 1. Notice your objections. I don’t have time. Time i

The Early Years: What Children Need

The early years are a highly sensitive period of development. What happens then has life-long effects on how a person learns, loves, and lives. Despite high-quality child care and preschool, parents are a child’s most important and influential teacher. So what can parents do to support their child’s path to becoming a caring, competent, contributing adult? A healthy birth. It is important for the mother to have good nutrition and avoid tobacco, alcohol and other toxic substances. Medical pre-natal care as well as support for the mother to remain calm and healthy is also important. A secure foundation. Babies thrive with parents who respond sensitively to their cues and signals, creating a

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Lifebalance Solutions is a program offered by Lifetrack, a nonprofit human services organization with a mission to develop the strengths within children, families and adults facing the greatest life challenges so that all families and individuals may become strong, healthy and productive community members. We have served the Twin Cities community since 1948.