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Information You Can Get from a Food Label

Do you know what is in the food you eat? Would your mother or grandmother recognize it as food? Reading the ingredients is a great place to start when picking up a food label. When I ask if people are reading food labels, most would answer yes. It is clear that each person is looking for some thing or some things. But I find that many aren’t sure exactly what the information means or why they are looking for certain items. The first lesson is to eat foods that don’t come in a box – an apple is just an apple. But, of course, it is not realistic to say that we won’t eat anything out of a box, so it is important to know what you are eating. When choosing foods in a package look for those wit

Clear Out “Hidden” Clutter This Fall

Are you as clutter-free as you think you are? This sneaky stuff sometimes hides under my radar. Is it hiding under your radar too? These items accumulate together, stick together, and hang around in a household too long. Consider decorations, collections, hobbies or projects you intend to get back to “some day.” Really look at the pictures on the walls or groupings of “decorative” knick-knacks that nobody notices any more. We can become “blind” to items that we have looked for a long time. Some of this stuff has become so much a part of your home that you no longer even see it. Do these items still support who you are? Or, does this stuff clog your space and vaguely disturb your peace of min

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