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Renovate Your Focus

We’ve all heard it said – ‘what you focus on is what happens in your life.’ And yet how many of us REALLY pay attention to what we’re focused on? How many times do we let ourselves dwell on the negative things, the ‘what ifs’ and the drama of life? I can get into the muck of negativity very quickly if I’m not diligent in paying attention to my thought life. For me success in life starts with what I focus on. If I focus on all the things that are RIGHT in my life, I move forward. If I focus on what’s not working, I get stuck. And often when I’m stuck it isn’t reality I’m focusing on – it’s the story I tell myself about what’s happening that gets me in trouble. Think about it. If someone gives

A Great Breakfast for Back to School.

When spending time in my kid’s schools, some of the challenges that children and teachers face are obvious: bodies that can’t sit still, bounding energy that can’t be managed, sleepy heads struggling to stay awake, eyes moving unable to remain focused on the topic at hand. This is not only a challenge for the teacher, but what about for the child struggling to pay attention and not get in trouble, again? With a room of 30+ kids even one child struggling to sit and focus can change the entire environment. And for each child feeling wired and tired, frustrated, discouraged, sick of getting punished when they are doing the best they can – what can we do for them? Is this struggle more common to

Win the Bathroom Battle—Soap Scum, Mirror Smears, & Clutter

If bathrooms could have poor health, they would probably have about a dozen diseases all at once. Soap scum, mirror smears, dusty decorator soaps, unused products… Lighten up this high-use room. First, let’s start with some decoration elimination. Who uses those dusty decorator soaps and “company” towels any way? Bathrooms may look better without dust-collecting decorations. Consider tossing dried silk flower arrangements and dusty candles. If the horizontal surfaces are clutter-free, they are easier to clean. Next, try to reduce the quantity of medicines, personal care, and cleaning products. Check the expiration dates on your over-the-counter remedies and samples. Some expired medicines g

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