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Simple Ways to Enhance Workplace Culture

Review your on-boarding process. Make sure to have fun welcome rituals, a process for making introductions and a checklist to make sure you do the same thing with every new employee.

Let current staff members know a new person is starting BEFORE they start. And communicate why this person hired and what they’ll be doing.

Plan surprises. Catch people doing a good job, celebrate victories or bring in lunch. Surprises are fun and a good way to boost morale without adding more permanent benefits.

Ask for feedback before BIG changes happen. Or at the very least have a discussion with staff BEFORE rolling out change. People are more open, and the gossip train is much shorter, when people know what’s coming and why.

Ask yourself ‘who will this change, email, decision affect?' before sending, changing or doing something out of the ordinary. Make sure to communicate with those affected before and during the process.

Practice new simple habits. SMILE, use better eye contact and/or simply greet every member of your team, every day.

Share the ‘best thing’. Ask employees to share with you the ‘best’ thing that happened in the office with the team each week. Or you can ask every day. This question gets people talking about what’s working, what they enjoy and what other people do to make their jobs easier.

SHOW you care. Go beyond just saying you care – demonstrate it EVERY day. Be really honest . Look at your actions and make sure they ‘speak’ caring.

Use FREE stuff. There are so many ways to have fun at work, to reward people and/or to just be nice. And many of these things are free.

Be transparent. Share as much information with your team as possible. People want to be in the know and when they know the truth they don’t have to make up stories about what they ‘think’ is happening.

Admit when the company makes a mistake. Admit when you make a mistake. Acknowledging mistakes builds trust and gives employees permission to admit theirs.

Ask for their help. People want to help, to grow and to make a difference. Give them as many opportunities to shine as possible.

Create shared core values as a team. When people have input into the values, they own and live them.

Get to know people on a personal level. Ask questions, be genuinely concerned about their lives and remember their names [and their kids names and dogs names].

Eat together. Sharing meals together on a regular basis creates a deeper sense of community. People often relax and let their guard down when eating together.

Volunteer. Get involved in the community as a team. Use both work hours and off work hours to give back. Ask your team members for suggestions as to where you could serve in the community.

Communicate, communicate, communicate. Talking regularly and openly is important.

Get out of your cube. Walk around and talk to people. Meet people you don’t know and stay connected with those you do.

Mix it up. Intermingle with other departments and/or other locations.

Leave your door open most of the time. It’s okay to shut your door on occasion but make it clear it’s the exception not the rule.

Be the example. If you want change – be it before you ask others to be it.

Set goals together. Setting goals as a team is a win-win for everyone. Make goal setting a normal part of your work life.

Listen more than you speak. People want to be heard, to have an opportunity to have their opinions heard. Practice listening – really listening.

Keep your promises. Do what you say you will do when you say you’ll do it – no excuses.

Work on personal growth and increasing emotional intelligence. As you take time to grow and work on increasing your own emotional intelligence, others may follow suit. Setting the standard by doing the work yourself is a great way to build a more positive workplace.

Michelle NeuJahr, Motivational Speaker, Business Coach

The Business Renovation Company

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