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Clear Car, Garage, & Outside Clutter

No one wants to hang out indoors to weed out during the summer—unless it actually is too warm to be outside and then you can go for it. Summer is a great time to freshen up your vehicle, clean out the garage, and tackle your outdoor clutter. Pick a nice weekend day and get started! Begin with the car. Pull it out on the driveway and empty out anything that has accumulated in the car that doesn’t really belong there. Cars have many little storage spots. Check in the doors, under the seats, between the seats, the glove box, the center console area, and of course, the trunk. What has been stuffed into these compartments that doesn’t belong there? What lingers there that you no longer need? You

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Lifebalance Solutions is a program offered by Lifetrack, a nonprofit human services organization with a mission to develop the strengths within children, families and adults facing the greatest life challenges so that all families and individuals may become strong, healthy and productive community members. We have served the Twin Cities community since 1948.