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Best Ways to Manage Your Body

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn Build physical activity into your daily life. It’s a proven fact – we feel better and have more energy when we exercise regularly. Breathe! Stress causes us to breathe shallowly. Take time to breathe deeply a few times throughout the day. Doing this releases stress, centers you and opens you up to more creativity. Go to the doctor. Schedule regular visits. By staying on top of our health we’re more productive for the long haul. Preventive work is one way to mange your health now so it doesn’t manage you later. Make peace with your body. Women tend to suffer more than men in the area of low body image but I’ve encounter

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Lifebalance Solutions is a program offered by Lifetrack, a nonprofit human services organization with a mission to develop the strengths within children, families and adults facing the greatest life challenges so that all families and individuals may become strong, healthy and productive community members. We have served the Twin Cities community since 1948.