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21 Ways to Make 2016 Your #BestYear

Maintain a GOOD ATTITUDE. No matter what 2016 brings your way – a good attitude will help you through it. Let go of expectations. When we expect things to happen or people to behave a certain way – we set ourselves up for disappointment and frustration. Stop expecting other people to be as dedicated to your plans and ideas as you are. Give up the ‘story’. We all tell ourselves stories. Some of these stories have some truth to them and others are just created out of fear or insecurities. This year is a good time to give up the ‘story’. If you want to know if something is true – ASK. Take risks, live boldly. Start small. Every small risk or bold action develops our risk tolerance. Do somethin

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Lifebalance Solutions is a program offered by Lifetrack, a nonprofit human services organization with a mission to develop the strengths within children, families and adults facing the greatest life challenges so that all families and individuals may become strong, healthy and productive community members. We have served the Twin Cities community since 1948.