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Holiday Clutter Clearing for a Tranquil Home

In the privacy of your own heart, do you sometimes dread the holiday chaos? This time of year can be physically cluttered and emotionally stressful. Here are clutter-clearing strategies to help make your home a tranquil haven this season. First, get into the habit of a ten-minute tidy before bed—spend ten minutes folding blankets, gathering remotes, taking out the recycling and trash, and clearing off the kitchen counters. Start the dishwasher and maybe a load of laundry before bed. It doesn’t really take long and it will make your home a more pleasant place to wake up! Simplify decorating to simplify cleaning during this season. Bring out a few of the most important pieces and the larger pi

Simple Ways to Enhance Workplace Culture

​ Review your on-boarding process. Make sure to have fun welcome rituals, a process for making introductions and a checklist to make sure you do the same thing with every new employee. Let current staff members know a new person is starting BEFORE they start. And communicate why this person hired and what they’ll be doing. Plan surprises. Catch people doing a good job, celebrate victories or bring in lunch. Surprises are fun and a good way to boost morale without adding more permanent benefits. Ask for feedback before BIG changes happen. Or at the very least have a discussion with staff BEFORE rolling out change. People are more open, and the gossip train is much shorter, when people know w

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