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What if we jumped out of bed in the morning and raced into the office, excited to give our very best? What if when our co-workers said good morning to us, our energy was contagious and positive? What if we were truly ENGAGED in our work just for today? What would happen? What could happen? I think we could change the world – people would be happier, more productive and less stressed. We would make more money, create better relationships and our health would improve. It would be amazing! If everyone on the planet decided to show up ENGAGED and excited today the energy and benefits might possibly be more than we could handle. What would it feel like to be FULLY ENGAGED in your work? Think abou

Weight loss continues to be unreachable – is stress one of the factors?

I was recently at the grocery store and took notice of how the struggle for weight control is failing miserably in our culture. It was a reminder that the simple formula of calories in vs. calories out does not work for many women and men who have been fighting this battle for years and years. There has to be something else going on! A metabolic imbalance? A gut imbalance? Toxic overload? A hormone imbalance? Where do we begin? In [this] blog I want to focus on the physiological changes that occur with the chronic stress that many of us experience every day and how that may be impacting the struggle for a healthy weight. Fight or flight –nature’s life saving response The fight or flight resp

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Lifebalance Solutions is a program offered by Lifetrack, a nonprofit human services organization with a mission to develop the strengths within children, families and adults facing the greatest life challenges so that all families and individuals may become strong, healthy and productive community members. We have served the Twin Cities community since 1948.