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Consider A Simplified Vacation

You really can take it with you when you go. At least, you can when you go on a vacation. During our first Florida family winter-spring vacation, I saw people on the plane with babies and preschoolers, diaper bags, bottles, strollers, juice boxes, car seats, and more. I was in awe--or maybe it was shock. Here are some thoughts on a simplified vacation. Simple living didn't save us that vacation when we rented a small car. We discovered it doesn't simplify a vacation to spend half of it in the rental car parking lot trying to figure out how to make all our stuff fit. I struggled with storage enough in my older home. Who needed that on vacation? Unfortunately, Frustrations Come With Us… On vac

Developing Personal Excellence

“With regard to excellence, it’s not enough to know, but we must try to have and use it.” Aristotle Developing excellence doesn’t happen overnight. There are no quick and easy ways to develop excellence in our families, lives or careers. We can’t attend a seminar and as a result magically become excellent. We can’t read a book and have it all figured out in a day. And we can’t just tell ourselves we have excellence and then automatically possess it. Developing excellence takes time; it’s hard work and can take a lifetime to develop. The word excellence is defined as the quality of excelling, possessing good qualities in high degree. It also means to excel in something. The word excellent mea

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